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My name is Gary L. Johnson and I am a Lightworker/Spirit Master.
Just in case you haven't already heard about it, people all over the world have been experiencing the most amazing phenomenon in the history of our planet. It has come to be known as the 11:11 phenomenon. As unbelievable as it may be, this phenomenon is one of the major indicators that our planet is in a state of ascension from the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension (where we are now) and finally into the 5th dimension. Everything else pales by comparison.

What does this mean as far as you are concerned? It means change far beyond the scope of most people's comprehension and we all know that change is the one thing that everyone resists the most. As a result of that one fact alone, you might suspicion that our planet and its population are in for some rough times ahead.

Like it or not, believe it or not, you are mutating from your 3rd dimensional human body into a 5th dimensional Lightbody much like a caterpillar into a butterfly. The scary part of this phenomenon is there is no turning back or any way to stop it.

As I see it, you have only a few options about what you can do from this point forward:

  1. You can exit this website and go about your life as if you had never read this material. I wouldn't blame you one bit.
  2. You can die and get off this planet thereby skipping the mutation process altogether.
  3. Or you can deal with what is happening the best way you can. Obviously, this is the option that I recommend, but you must know that you may go kicking and screaming into the upper dimensions or you can take the easier route, but you are going one way or the other. The choice is up to you.

The angels and other assorted entities also recommend that you stick around and watch the fireworks because this is the one and only time our planet will ascend. The information contained in this website is about taking the easier route. If you decide that you would like to stick around for awhile, I highly recommend that you order my book, Spirit Master 101, which explains the process of ascension and gives you some handy-dandy hints on how to make your transition much easier on yourself. For the more spiritually adventurous entities, it even suggests constucting your own version of what I call a Rainbow Chamber. I suggest that you click on the 11:11 Phenomenon link to continue.