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Spirit Master 101

It took me 16 years to assemble all of the pieces to the story and write my book which is entitled :Spirit Master 101 - A Simplified Guide to Stress Management, Spirituality & Ascension". It represents the very best of the best of everything I have ever studied in many different fields including Science, Religion, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Channeling, the New Age, UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Angels, the 11:11 Phenomenon, Ascension, Lightbody Activation, Quartz Crystals, Crystal Gridworks, Pyramids, Pyramid Power, Double Tetrahedrons, Auras, Chakras, DNA, Light-based Technology, Mastery and last, but not least, The Co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

The hardest part of presenting this material was to put in terms that the average person could easily understand which I hope I have done. It really is easy to read. As an added bonus, I have also included three family recipes in the book that are worth more than the price of the order by themselves, in my own opinion of course.


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Light, Love & Laughter Always,

Gary L. Johnson